May 29, 2017

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Profanity Elimination And Word Logging Device To Be Unveiled

Enco Systems has released “Guardien,” an automated profanity elimination and spoken word logging system for radio and television broadcasters.
The unveiling will officially take place April 19th at the NAB Convention in Las Vegas.

Enco Systems President Eugene Novacek said, “It's important for broadcasters to properly deal with objectionable material. There haven't been any important developments in technology for them until now. Guardien adds high-end speaker independent, speech recognition software to the traditional profanity delay. The technology that we developed for our "enCaption" product proved to be perfect for use in an intelligent, automated broadcast delay. The broadcaster maintains two lists of words or phrases within Guardien. There's one list for words to eliminate and [another] for words to log. Guardien constantly monitors the broadcast air feed using variable length delay settings. When a word or phrase from either list is detected, Guardien can bleep/mute and/or log the event. The date/time logging is enhanced by storing a small piece of the actual audio for future reference.”

Guardien is a two rack-unit device with stereo balanced analog and AES/EBU inputs and outputs and features contact closures for control of external devices or alert mechanisms.

Guardien will be available in May of 2004.

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